Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy
Effective January 1st, 2017

  1. TDI Standard delivery term is FOB Bartlett, Tennessee.
    • a. We will notify customers by email to schedule the pick-up 1 week before the order due date.
    • b. Should the products not being picked up within 3 days of order due date, TDI has the right to ship the products to customers and charge the customer for freight.
  2. If you elect to have TDI facilitate the freight for your orders, you accept our shipping policy as outlined herein.
    • a. Shipping standard Torin Drive International use the following standard for all shipment, unless otherwise requested and approved in writing when the order is placed.
      • i. 24-Hour Notification Service for all shipments
      • ii. Lift-Gate Service for all shipments
    • b. Confirmation:You may elect to receive a freight quote with your order estimate or you may forgo the estimate and agree to ship your order on Torin Drive International’s account. Should you choose not to receive a quote in advance, you agree to assume all freight charges. Whether choosing to receive a freight quote or not, you confirm acceptance of the shipping method and freight charge responsibility when you confirm your order.
    • c. Pickup:When your order has been shipped, tracking information and POD confirmation will be emailed to you.
    • d. 24 Hour Notification:You must provide correct contact information for receiving. Once your shipment is at the local hub, a dispatcher will call to schedule the delivery. You will assume all extra cost occurred due to incorrect contact being provided, or the contact cannot be reached.
    • e. Receiving the Delivery:Unless you have a dock, you will need to move your freight with your own equipment. If you do not have a forklift, this can be requested in advance for an additional fee.
    • f. Accepting Delivery:The driver will give you a document called the Bill of Lading, or BOL for short. This is your delivery receipt that you will sign to acknowledge delivery has been received and you accept the goods “Free and Clear”. IF YOU SEE ANY DAMAGES, DO NOT IMMEDIATELY SIGN IT. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTION IN ITEM 3 BELOW.
  3. Shortage and Damage. After the shipment arrives, it’s your responsibility to inspect and document any damage to your order before you sign the Bill of Lading.
    • a. Shortage: Verify the shipment piece count matches the Packing Slip and record any shortage on the BOL. Items missing from your order need to be written down as “ORDER INCOMPLETE” and note any specific items missing from the order. You must notify Torin Drive International within 10 days of delivery.
    • b. Damage: For orders that arrive with visible damage, you may refuse the order, or you may document the damage on the BOL and accept the order. Note, most times minor crate damage during the shipping will NOT affect the function of our products.
      • i. If you choose to refuse the order, you must inform TDI immediately so we can investigate. Torin Drive International shall then have the option of re-inspection at the customer’s plant or its own. Defects that do not impair service shall not be cause for rejection. Torin Drive International shall have the right to replace within a reasonable time, any product or products which in its opinion do not conform to the order. No claim will be allowed for any products damaged by the customer. Expenses incurred in connection with claims for which Torin Drive International is not liable will be charged to the customer.
      • ii. If you choose to accept the shipment, it should be noted in writing, using the word “DAMAGED” on both the driver copy and your copy of the BOL, along with a description of the damage. It is critical that the driver also sign both copies of the BOL if any damage is present. By noting damage on the driver’s copy, this ensures that there is written proof that damage was noted at the time of delivery. Be sure to keep a copy of the receipt, as this will be vital in processing a shipping claim. A signed BOL with noted damage is imperative to claims. In order to file a claim, photo proof of damage must be provided along with damage notes on the BOL with signatures and an immediate notification alerting Torin Drive International.In case of damage, you must notify Torin Drive International within 24 hours of delivery.
  4. Refusal of Shipment. In case of the refusal or inability for the customer to accept any shipment in accordance with the terms of the order, the customer shall be liable for freight, express storage, extra cost of handling and all other expenses incurred by Torin Drive International as a result of such refusal or inability.TDI will charge a standard 30% restocking fee under this situation.
  5. Printers, Stenographic, and Clerical Errors. Torin Drive International is not responsible for printers’ errors made in any of its publications and other forms of printed matter, or for any stenographic and clerical errors. All such errors are subject to correction.

Any and all information regarding shipping damage should be sent immediately to Torin Drive International at +1 901-290-1600 or so that we may assist you.